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Base Racks

  • BedRock HD

    BedRock HD

      LOW-PROFILE HEAVY-DUTY TRUCK BED RACK       Sleek and strong, the BedRock HD’s low profile delivers a 300-lb. on-road capacity and Yakima's exclusive new Off-Road Rating for up to 180 lbs.—all without the need to...

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  • OutPost HD

    OutPost HD

      MID-HEIGHT HEAVY DUTY TRUCK BED RACK       Built to handle heavy loads on backcountry terrain, the OutPost HD truck rack is ready for rugged overland adventures. The mid-height design provides a low center of gravity, easy...

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  • OverHaul HD

    OverHaul HD

    ADJUSTABLE-HEIGHT HEAVY-DUTY TRUCK BED RACK     For weekend adventures and hardworking weekdays, the Overhaul HD adjustable truck rack offers best-in-class payload and unmatched versatility. Leveraging our new HD Bars for a 500-lb. on-road...

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