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Kite Foil Boards

  • Feather Kite

    Feather Kite

    Feather Kite board True free-ride foil performance The feather kite boards are the perfect fit for the free-ride foilers from all skill levels. The Concave Deck provides the most comfortable and most secure stance when riding strapless. The convex...

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    2021 DWARF CRAFT

    2021 DWARF CRAFT

    DWARF CRAFT DETAILS MORE ABOUT THE DWARF CRAFT RANGE Boasting an all new state of the art layup, the new Dwarf Craft range is even lighter than its predecessors. Decreased size & weight have increased the board’s responsiveness,...

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    2020 DWARF CRAFT 3'6"

    2020 DWARF CRAFT 3'6"

    A compact freeride foil board for riders who learned on a longer, higher-volume setup and are ready for a new challenge and something more agile and responsive.  While not strictly for advanced riders, it’s best suited for people who have...

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  • 2020 Alien Air 4'8''

    2020 Alien Air 4'8''

    Our largest foil board by width and volume, the Alien Air is a stable and forgiving setup designed for user-friendly learning, casual cruising and easy progression, from a foiler’s first water starts to on-foil tacks, jibes and fancy footwork. ...

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