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Formula & Slalom

  • 2020 Jag LTD

    2020 Jag LTD

      JAG LTD   The Jag is your No. 1 choice when you want slalom-board performance, but in a more accessible package. It’s fast enough to win races, yet comfortable enough to sail all day long. The free feeling of the Jag comes from its...

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  • 2021 Fanatic Falcon Lightwind 159 (13210-1016)

    2021 Fanatic Falcon Lightwind 159

    FALCON LIGHTWIND CUT-OUTS Cut-out tail design for efficiency, control and top speed LIGHTWIND SHAPE Specialist shape designed specifically to get you planing as early as possible - wether with a fin or a foil under your board PERFORMANCE Fin...

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  • 201 Falcon Formula

    2019 Falcon Formula

    FALCON FORMULA The Falcon Formula is directly evolved from Fanatic’s CAD developed Falcon Slalom line. Reaching those tight upwind angles with easy handling and full control, there's no 'off' switch when flying downwind at top speed. The race is...