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Kiteboarding Harnesses

  • Viper Harness (Copy of 2003165)

    Viper Harness

    Molded windsurf and kite harnesses have become practically exclusive to professionals - it can be an expensive process after all, but it leaves those new to the sports out of luck without the proper sponsorships, which can be hard to come by. Introducing...

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  • Litewave Integrator Slam Vest

    Litewave Integrator Slam Vest

    The Integrator Slam Vest is designed to give you maximum impact protection for your chest, ribs, and back. It also gives you added flotation and warmth while kiteboarding. Unique "integrator straps and pad" connect with your harness to prevent 'ride-up'...

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  • Convert Harness

    Convert Harness

    The convert harness is a great all around harness that will convert from a seat harness to a waist harness. The removable seat attachment velcros internally into the waist harness. Removable rear handle allows one to use this harness for windsurfing or...

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