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One Design

  • Z420 SCV

    Z420 SCV

      Z420 SCV High performing collegiate sailboat It looks as good as it sails! The Z420 has been designed to ensure the success of collegiate sailing through the collaborative efforts of many college coaches, as well as sailing industry designers,...

    MSRP: $9,199.00
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  • C420, JRV

    C420, JRV

    Junior to Collegiate Level Double-handed Sailing Safe for beginning sailors and quick enough to keep collegiate All-Americans interested, the Club 420 provides the most double handed racing of any boat in the world. The C420 enables young sailors to...

    MSRP: $8,899.00
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  • Sunfish Race

    Sunfish Race

    The Sunfish Race is a box one design that provides equal performance for all boats – so it is not a better boat that wins the race, but the better sailor. One of sailing’s most recognized brands, The Sunfish Race combines simplicity and...

    MSRP: $4,923.00
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  • Sunfish


    The Sunfish is a sailing icon. One of sailing’s best-known brands, it is unmatched in simplicity and performance making it popular for all ages and abilities. Designed as the ultimate beach craft, this maintenance free boat holds its resale value...

    MSRP: $4,629.00
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  • Laser Radial

    Laser Radial

    Popular racing class for small adults, women and youth. The Laser Radial is a new Olympic class for 2008, based upon the same hull and equipment as the regular Laser. The combination of a 19% smaller sail and a shorter, more flexible mast create an...

    MSRP: $6,450.00
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  • Laser


    The world’s most popular adult racing class. Every Laser in the world is identical. The strict one-design class rules ensure this remains true, making it the sailor that wins the race, not the boat. The Laser is a challenging boat that rewards...

    MSRP: $6,450.00
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  • Open Bic complete with rig

    O'pen Skiff

    The fast, planing hull of the O’pen BIC gives a dynamic sailing experience of a true dinghy that heels. Being at the helm of this powerful machine gives you the same excitement normally experienced on a boat for adults. With its 60-foot Open design,...

    MSRP: $3,299.00
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