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Surf Foil

  • 2019 F-One Gravity 1200

    F-One Gravity 1200

    GRAVITY 1200 The F-ONE GRAVITY 1200 wing is entirely dedicated to surfing on a foil. Easy progressive lift Maximum maneuverability Perfect balance between speed and turning Area : 1200 cm²Aspect Ratio : 3.2   Its design is a...

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  • 2019 F-One Gravity 1400

    F-One Gravity 1400

    GRAVITY 1400 The F-ONE GRAVITY 1400 wing is ideal to learn how to surf foil, enjoy the smallest waves and also venture on a downwinder. Low speed take-off Very stable Superior glide Area : 1480 cm3Aspect Ratio : 4.3   Its design is...

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  • 2019 F-One MIRAGE 1000

    F-One MIRAGE 1000

    MIRAGE 1000 The F-ONE MIRAGE 1000 kitefoil wing is made to suit all freeride and freestyle needs.Extremely easy to control, this wing offers smooth take-offs, effortless turns and fantastic...

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