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Windsurfing Harness Lines

  • Race Harness Lines

    Race Harness Lines

    "The ultimate racing harness lines." Designed for the serious sailor who wants the best. Easy in-flight adjustments, 12 inch plus range, pre-length setting, anodized cleats, durable/stiff self-positioning tubing loop, replaceable rope, easy to grab...

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  • Inflight Adjustable lines

    Inflight Adjustable lines

    A simple but effective design for sailors requiring on the move adjustments. Heavy duty ladder-lock, line and tubing. Pre-adjustable with one side tie off. Infinite adjustment on tie off side, 5" webbing adjustment.

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  • Quick Lines Mono

    Quick Lines Mono

    Mono point design, simple, durable harness lines. Can be put on boom without removing the tail-piece. Designed with no swing, precise sizing, and very low-profile styling. Available in 18", 20", 22", 24", 26", 28", 30" lengths.

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